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 Informações da Rádio:

Nip radio launched on October 19, 1996 is an act of faith, witnessing an attachment to the Nippes, both traditional and revolutionary; expression of a belief that the nippes and the region can regain its lost days. vagadou noel is CEO of the radio nippes. At some point, around the country appeared some good-caliber radio stations, the Nippes gave the answer and rein in. The bridge between the Nippes d’Hiti and the rest of the World is the slogan Radio nippes FM nippes miragoane. From the beginning, Nippes Radio is positioned as a national channel. The technological design is among the strongest and best performing in the radio market. Nippes FM Miragoane brings to the population of the peninsula of Nippes pieces, news, information, entertainment, and recreation it needs to thrive. Culture, Sports and Music, French speaking are the core elements of the Radio Nippes content since miragoane haiti.


Jazz Futebol Anos 50,60


Radio Haiti Haiti Nippes - Miragoane



+1849 884 75 26


+1849 884 75 26




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